You need assistance in preparing for funding or operational support to grow your sales base internationally
You want to check your market entry strategy
You have a management team with high sub-specialisation (eg engineering, surgery) and have recognised the need for general management experience
Your team has grown quickly, without the infrastructure and regulatory compliance required to tender for large contracts

Business Owners and CxOs of technology-driven businesses looking to scale internationally, or enter new, parallel markets.

  • Your  product innovations have some element of technological and/or digital innovation, which may require funding or external capital
  • You may require strategy formation, assistance with set-up & operations     and regulatory assistance
  • You could benefit most from our localised sales and marketing guidance,      such as competitive market analysis and sales compensation and      identification of a receptive market. 
  • Uniquely, we may have partners who can supply the sales teams with on-the-ground  experience and networks.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

  • You are looking to fast-track your ROI by providing your investments      with experienced market-entry experts, or with direct sales and operations      assistance.
  • You are seeking to bolster your management teams' range of skills-set and access to mentors without diluting equity or increasing headcount.
  • You are looking for tactical strategies and experience from teams who have done it before.

Unique Government Departments and Large Corporations, and all those who wish to plan for the future of their work, or seek to disrupt themselves.

  • You are aware that your market may be taken by “two kids in a garage” (like  Google / Yahoo), or undercut by an overlooked product you have developed  yourself (think Kodak).
  • You and  your management team are future-focused market leaders who      want to strengthen your position in the market.
  • You  enjoy lateral, elevated and disruptive thinking that helps you identify      new markets, products and investments.

Recent Projects

Grant funding for medical device's first-in-man clinical trials engagement
NHS GP IT Futures preparation and regulatory compliance for GP digital solutions company
Australian market entry for UK AI digital health company
Tendering for Government’s investment in state-of-the-art mental health facility
Longevity / Stem cell collaboration between China and AustraliaMedical 

UK Market entry strategy for clean energy technology company  

Partnership strategy in South Africa for a technology firm

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