Scaling Advisory For New Markets & New Strategies

Our advisors have sat on both sides of the table: both as founders or business leaders who have successfully raised capital and scaled businesses, or led regional business units; and as investors, evaluating startups and determining funding. We are explorative, innovative and discerning.

Market Entry, Market Research and Sales Operations To Solve Go-To-Market Challenges

Gyrilla Investments Group provides Board and Executive Management-level support in the selection of international markets, parallel industries and development of sales, marketing and operational strategies.

Preparation and Assessment for Grants and Funding: Connect to Untapped Sources

Gyrilla Investments Group provides support to technology businesses in securing venture capital and private equity funding. We have more than 30 years of experience supporting almost 100 high technology companies, who have received more than £60 million in funding.

New Tech Procurement and Development: Find the Gems Within Your Organisation & Around the World

We provide CxO and Board-level guidance and strategy on the solutions that will overcome current and future market challenges. Through market research and competitive analysis, and value-added development, we complete ILMs, ROI assessments and due diligence. Our network has served Government, NGOs and MNCs in the assessment and evaluation of future technology investments.

Innovation, Digital Disruption & the Future of Work: Develop your Digital Disruption Plan

To help prepare your teams for the future of work and the imminent digital disruption, Gyrilla Investments Group uses its exposure to the cutting edge of technology to help organisations create a Digital Disruption plan and train their staff to look for opportunities and engage in the company's future.

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